Praise for Invisible Men :

"From the chilling thought experiment called 'Duplex,' which opens this powerful collection, to the strange and beautiful elegy to a lost life called 'Ice Woman' that closes it, Eric Freeze investigates with not a little humor and plenty of sorrow, the chasms and chaos several men (and a few women) leave behind when they disappear."

Pam Houston, author of Cowboys are My Weakness and Contents May Have Shifted

"Osmotic in content and flexible in form, these stories turn themselves inside out, unhinge and pivot, a collection of epiphianic epiphanies. Reading these, we wake, newly genetically engineered Gregor Samsas, to these transcendent dreams evolving into these monstrously sublime visions."

—Michael Martone, author of 
Michael Martone and Four for a Quarter

Eric Freeze

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